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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2010 5:00am-5:30am PST

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>> day 215, for my grandparents. the photos trapped in a box, rewrite the path of their rooms full of light. invisible photo that is unravel the dreams in a vigilant sleepless night that search for the lines they begin to be what they will be, and when the box dreams, the photos are startled and the final detail is lacking. the finishing touch on the edge of the door shines in the city. the imperceptible stain of one circle that diminishes the paintings that clouds let pass
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over us. clouds that pass over the beach of my childhood. near streets when i was a child. escaping the light of the moon of san pedro. the secret garden of my first poem. by the beach. my boyhood slow kiss on the lips of that girl. the kiss of my grand mother, witnesses clouds and dogs flying over the blue embrace of my water. that remains to live in my grandfather and purple on the hill of the last poem. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> day 303. spirit of the black box. today i was in the mind of
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child. 517, 1823 unintelligible words. of high frequency waves, the first hug, the first cry, tell me that all that there is to forget to be really entertained only by the light, the divine light. [applause]. >> foreign language speaking. >> day 344. the birth of silence is written in the agony of a sigh.
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>> foreign language speaking. >> day 345, silence is the slave of fear. even though we treat fear like a king. [applause]. >> this is a piece about walking. [music]
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[applause]. >> thank you. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> thank you, i am very excited and honored to perform a song.
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it's particularly, the intimacy of the body. i work as a physician as well and had i heard this poem, it made me feel that profoundness for the body. but for the body of sensations and of a lover. it's a very intimate and beautiful song. [music]
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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>> foreign language speaking. [applause].
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>> foreign language speaking.
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